About Us:

NAMC-Northeast Florida Chapter is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) Private Trade foundation. William Bill Truitt and its Board of Directors collaborated with NCCER, National Center for Construction Education and Research and became an Accredited Training Sponsor. The Accredited Training Sponsors are the foundation of the NCCER standardized Craft Training Program. As an accredited Training Sponsor, we are responsible for conducting and delivering a quality training programs, based on NCCER standards and criteria. We also have the authorization to sponsor Master Trainers, Craft Instructors, Accredited Training Units,(ATU) and Accredited Training and Education Facility, (ATEF). Our Chapter have five master trainer who offer ICTP, Instructor Certification Training Program to craft professional.

The National Association of Minority Contractors (NAMC) NAMC-Northeast Florida needs National presence and voice in Jacksonville to assist our efforts today, more than ever before, to continue our mission of providing access to contracts and resource opportunities to our members. It is our mission to advocacy legislative that impact our members, and constantly prepare our Contractor Readiness by training, capacity building, and growth for our members.

NAMC team meeting

Our Purpose:

A. To educate and train persons interested in improving their social and economic well being and that of their community to promote the civic and economic betterment of the community through education.

B. To promote the general and individual welfare of minority builders, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and manufacturers of materials and equipment used in the construction industry.

C. To promote vide and prompt dissemination of information of value and interest to its members.

D. To promote, foster and cultivate individual rights and freedoms of the members and of the businesses and trades to which they belong.

E. To promote a spirit of cooperation among the various minority and majority builders, contractors, and subcontractors.

F. To cause to be ascertained the problems of its members relative to the building and construction trade to do alt things necessary to solve such problems for its members.

G. To be of service for the betterment and protection of its members and support its members relative to rectifying – -conditions of an unsatisfactory character.

H. To create and maintain high standards in business dealings for the benefit of its members and to encourage sound business practices tending to raise the standards of its members in the business world.

I. To encourage and promote good relations between its members and the public.

J. To do all things necessary to promote and maintain such relations between its members and the various federal, state, county, and city department or agencies so it will be equitably benefiting all its members.

K. To compile and distribute information to its members for their benefit and to aid, service, and protect its members and do all things that may be necessary and proper within the scope of this corporation for the mutual benefit and welfare of its members.

L. To do all things necessary to exercise all power permitted to the corporation under the General Non-Profit Corporation laws of the State of Florida.

The Legacy of William Joseph Truitt

William Joseph Truitt was born on June 19, 1934, in Troup County, Georgia. Preferred to be called “Bill”, he was the only son of five children born to Paul Herman Truitt and Marie Elizabeth Truitt. He proudly served his country in the United States Air Force for four years during the Korean War. He attended Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), majoring in Fashion Merchandising and then change to Industrial Management.

In 1969 he moved his family to Atlanta, Ga., where He pursued several successful entrepreneurial businesses to including a jazz club (The Passport) and Manufacturing Company (Truitt Manufacturing, Crawfordville, GA) which also served as a training facility for the Georgia Department of Education Adult and Vocational Education program in Taliaferro County.

Bill’s ventures a relationship with the United States Small Business Administration’s Office of Minority Affairs was established and by the late 1970’s he was working as an Associate Regional Director (Region Six) for the Department of Commerce for Minority Business Development.

Bill Truitt was offered an opportunity to work as a Coordinator of Construction Services for the development of the Kings Bay Naval Base, Kingsland, Georgia in 1980. Bill accepted the challenge and moved to South Georgia During his tenure at Kings Bay he worked to ensure minority contractors received fair and equal work opportunities on that project. He recognized the importance of qualified and trained contractors. His desire to see minority contractors properly trained lead him to his next endeavor, which was establishing a NAMC Chapter in Jacksonville, FL.

In 1993, ” established a NAMC Chapter in Jacksonville, Florida with 10 members. The chapter was called NAMC-Northeast Florida Chapter. The initial membership included Robert W. Benjamin, Sam Ramkissoon, Kenneth E. Patterson, Edward J. Eng, Bandele Onasanya, David L. Shaw and David King. Bill Truitt served 14 years as the chairman of Board of Directors and Executive Director of NAMC-Northeast Florida Chapter.

Between 1995 thru 2000, William “Bill” Truitt, who represented NAMC -Northeast Florida Chapter, started collaborating with the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). In 1996 NCCER became an independent 501 (C) (3) not-for-profit educational foundation. During that year, NCCER partnered with Dell Computer, Associated Builders and Contractors, and Associated Builders and Contractors of America, and began to officially offer NCCER credentials, certificates, wallet cards and transcripts to individuals who successfully passed NCCER’s modules.

In 2001, NAMC-Northeast Florida Chapter applied to become an NCCER Accredited Training Sponsor, and in 2002 NAMC-Northeast Florida Chapter received the NCCER’s Accreditation to become an Accredited Training Sponsor, and National Association of Minority Contractors was recognized as an NCCER Partner.

In 2001, Northeast Florida Chapter, under the leadership of Bill Truitt operated the “Construction Management Development Program and Bond Guarantee Program. The Florida A&M University – Small Business Development Center (FAMU/SBDC), under contract with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) administrated the Construction Management Development Program and Bond Guarantee Program (CMDP-BGP) for Small and Disadvantage Business Enterprises (SDBE).

The purpose of the program was to ensure that SDBE’s had the maximum opportunity to participate, bid, win, and perform successfully statewide on FDOT contracts/projects. In 2013 Beaver Street Enterprise Center offered the FAMU CMDP-BGP program which provided comprehensive instruction in Business Management, Business Operations and Project Management for construction companies and construction related industries. NAMC-Northeast Florida Chapter created a Student Chapter at FAMU. Mr. Truitt understood that NAMC’s Future leaders would come from our youth. The NAMC-Northeast Florida Chapter establish the 1st NAMC FAMU Student Chapter in Tallahassee, Florida.

In 2002, NCCER established the Accredited Training and Education Facilities (ATEF) for secondary and postsecondary institutions. Bill Truitt’s foresight and educational foundation is still educating our future craft professionals. In 2001 – 2013, NAMC-Northeast Florida Chapter member and now Executive Director, Deborah Thompson facilitated the FAMU DOT Programs. Bill Truitt’s envision was to use the NCCER Craft Curriculums to provide Craft Professional Training to individuals desiring construction training to NAMC’s members and individuals desiring construction training throughout the country. His vision has not stopped here, under the leadership of the current president, the relationship with NCCER was rekindled.

In 2010, NCCER released the curricula called the Introduction to Weatherization, and NAMC-Northeast Florida Chapter, along with six other organizations sponsored this curriculum. The curriculum was authored by eight team members, and three out of the eight members (Steve Buglione, Larry Leonard, and JR McNeal), were members of the NAMC- Northeast Florida Chapter. Since 1991, NCCER has developed curricula for over 70 craft areas, which are been used in 50 states and 20 countries. Each NCCER’s Curricula identifies National Association of Minority Contractors as a Partner of NCCER. In 2000, NAMC was listed as a Partnering Association and continues today 2020, to be listed in all publications as an NCCER Partner.

Mr. Truitt’s primary focus was on Economic Development and he embraced the concept of total community participation in the economic growth in the states of New York, Georgia, and Florida. Particularly in Tallahassee, Jacksonville, and surrounding cities. Bill Truitt lived his life in service to others. His vast work and civic experiences focused on mentoring, training, and empowering people to always strive to improve their economic and social environment, especially in those communities which are traditionally underserved. It was his firm belief that all individuals benefit from understanding the importance of supporting each other and respecting each other’s strengths while nurturing positive, healthy relationships for the betterment of our society.